Business Services

Professional support for all your company affairs, including:


Operations management: 

Keeping your office running


Calendar management: 

Scheduling appointments or meetings?

Let me help you!

Correspondence management: 

Responding to incoming inquiries

via emails, phone or paper mail


Event management: 

Organising meetings, trainings, 

team buildings, etc.


Managing hiring campaigns 

including correspondence, 

screening, interviewing, shortlisting, arranging appointments and confirmations

Start-up business support


Audio typing and dictation 

in English, German and Serbo-Croatian



Managing and establishing databases

Personal Services

Assistance for you and your family members:



Relocation management:

Finding accommodation, schools,

local infrastructure and healthcare

Travel management: 

Researching and booking


Event planning: 

Organizing social events such as lunches, parties, family trips, retreats

and alike 



Travel expenses invoicing: 

Organising and processing your invoices


Finding points of interests:

Communities, sports clubs,

dance classes, music lessons, etc.



Advice with official correspondence and requests